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Did I mention I'm Julia McMillan? I'm excited for us to connect and get to know each other. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I believe as we learn who God is, we begin to uncover who we are. I live a lifestyle of faith and found myself while getting to know God. A snapshot of Him is what you see every time you see me. While I grew up in church as a pastor's daughter, I didn't make a conscience decision to really embrace the truth: A selfless, all-knowing God breathed all of who I am into this carefully-crafted shell of mine. He put ideas in my head, passion in my heart, gifts in my hands and love and truth in my lyrics. He placed people on my path to bring me out of my shell and music out of my soul--starting with my Mom.

I lost my mom at 17 and the pain of her loss was indescribable. She believed in me before I knew I had anything to believe in. Before she passed, she made sure I'd learn to use my voice. She recognized my gift and started cultivating it early. She had me sing in church and even though my fear would sometimes paralyze me, she encouraged me to sing through my tears. Hours before my mother transitioned, as she laid in her bed, she asked me to sing to her. I was obedient however I was extremely timid. That would be the last time I'd ever sing to her. After that I vowed to myself and God that I'd always give my all if He ever gave me another opportunity to sing again.

And I'm so grateful that opportunities have come. While singing in the Baltimore City College High School choir, I was introduced to local gospel artist Steven McCoy. I've since been fortunate to sing in in-person concerts, virtual concert, television shows, award shows, studios sessions and work with some of the most amazing artists.


Singing is no longer optional for me. I use my gifts out of gratitude, humility and cheerful obligation. Now I'm here. It's 2021 and it's time for me to start sharing my story. So, get ready to hear ALL the songs that God has been downloading into me for years--songs that have come in my sleep, in my shower, in the middle of dropping my daughter Aria off to school, or sitting at the old faithful (and out-of-tune) family upright with my brother, William. I've moved my music from the back burner. It's been well seasoned for you and I'm cooking up something purely divine! My revelation of salvation gave me a new revelation of self. With that understanding, I do what I do. Now, I'd love to create with YOU!

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